Retrosnub newsletter, June 2012

World IPv6 Launch

Retrosnub is celebrating two long-awaited milestones, and I am excited to announce two new offers - see below for the details!  There are also details of new services and price changes at the end of this newsletter, of which you should be aware.

Today, 6th June 2012, marks an important day for the internet: it is World IPv6 Launch Day, which means that major website operators and internet service providers around the world have turned on the next version of the Internet Protocol (IPv6), the language computers use to communicate across the internet.  If all goes well you will notice no difference, but the behind-the-scenes improvements are crucial.

This follows two decades of research, development and testing (it has been clear for a long time that the old version of the Internet Protocol (IPv4) would not last for much longer as the internet keeps growing, and many regions are already very close to running out of IPv4 addresses).  Retrosnub has played a small part in the testing of IPv6, and has already had IPv6 turned on for the best part of a decade; I am pleased to be a part of the official launch.  If you are interested in more information, get in touch.

Additionally, I am in the process of upgrading Retrosnub's internet connection in the Stevenage datacentre to one capable of up to one gigabit per second - that's ten times the speed of the old connection!

Referral discount scheme

Tell your friends about Retrosnub and earn money off!

If your friend mentions you when placing their first order, and they stay with Retrosnub for at least two months, you will receive a discount on your next invoice of the monthly amount they are paying (or equivalent).

So if your friend orders a virtual server - which of course has IPv6 as well as IPv4 connectivity - you will save at least £6.25, perhaps more.

Sorry, the referral discount scheme does not apply to domain registrations.

IPv6-only services

This is one for the geeks in the audience!

Retrosnub services have been IPv6-enabled since 2005, and if you are one of the lucky few to have IPv6-enabled internet connectivity you may have already used this.  World IPv6 Launch Day is, for now, about enabling IPv6 in addition to IPv4.  If you would like to be one of the first brave souls to enter the new world of IPv6-only operation, you can have any Retrosnub service* with only IPv6 connectivity, no IPv4, for half price forever!

This means you can, for example, rent a virtual server for a year for as little as £37.50.

This is not for the faint-hearted and you should be aware of the limitations; IPv4-only clients - still most of the internet - will not be able to connect to such a service.  However, more-technical customers may have a use for this.  Retrosnub is launching this offer in order to encourage the technical community to start to think about which applications no longer require IPv4 at all.  Tell your technical friends - design new apps - save money.

Contact me if you're interested in trying this out.

* The small print: existing customers can only take advantage of this offer if they do not hold any IPv4-enabled service of the same type as the IPv6-only one.  For example, if you have a regular (IPv4+IPv6) virtual server, you cannot also have an IPv6-only virtual server as this would allow you to obviously circumvent the IPv6-only nature.  Any attempt to serve IPv4-only clients from a discounted IPv6-only service will be frowned upon and may cause you to lose your discount.  Sorry.

Domain registrations are not eligible for this offer as they cannot be made IPv6-only.

This offer is subject to availability.

Other changes at Retrosnub

Off-site services in Retrosnub's Sheffield facility have been extended.  Until now, only simple off-site backup was available, along with off-site DNS and email processing.  Following hardware upgrades, I can now offer Sheffield-based variants of any Retrosnub service for 50% more than the standard cost.  Virtual server customers may be particularly interested in obtaining an additional virtual server in Sheffield for increased redundancy.

.uk Domain registration prices have unfortunately had to be increased to match price changes from Retrosnub's supplier, and due to the 2011 VAT increase which has until now been absorbed by Retrosnub.  A standard 2-year registration now costs £10.  However, the discount for 5-year and 10-year registrations has been extended to cover .uk domains so a 10-year registration costs £45; let us know when your domain comes up for renewal if you would like to change its registration period.

Domain transfer prices were, however, quietly reduced a few months ago; for details see the domain price list.