Important changes to your Retrosnub services

Dear Retrosnub customer,

I have some major news about the future of Retrosnub which will affect you.

Due to steeply rising costs and the global shortage of IPv4 addresses, it is increasingly uneconomical to operate an ISP on the relatively small scale of Retrosnub.

I have therefore made the decision that Retrosnub's customers would be better served by Mythic Beasts Ltd.; Mythic Beasts will be acquiring the customer base of Retrosnub in early 2018.

Mythic Beasts has a lot of experience running similar services to Retrosnub, on a larger scale. They have an excellent reputation locally for their technical skill and no-nonsense attitude. They also have experience of acquiring smaller ISPs and assimilating their infrastructure; I have no doubt that they will make the transition as smooth as possible, and will provide a service equivalent or better than that which you received from Retrosnub.

Mythic Beasts have assured me that customers of virtual servers and of shared hosting (web, email, shell accounts) will not see a price increase, and many customers will receive a specification upgrade as part of the migration. Domain registrations, however, will see a very small price increase.

What does this mean for me?


All invoices from 1st January 2018 will be issued by Mythic Beasts and will include VAT. These need to be paid directly to Mythic Beasts.

The remaining invoices for 2017 will be sent out over the coming week. These and any currently outstanding invoices need to be paid to Retrosnub before 7th January. If you have set up a standing order make sure that you instruct your bank to cancel it in plenty of time; any payment into the Retrosnub bank account from 8th January 2018 will not be accepted.

Invoices dated before 2018 cannot be paid to Mythic Beasts as they do not include VAT.


Services will then gradually be moved across to Mythic Beasts's own platforms, and you will be contacted individually with instructions nearer the time.

Virtual servers will be moved one-by-one onto the Mythic Beasts VPS platform during January and February. IP addresses will change as part of the migration and Mythic Beasts will contact you about that closer to the time.

Domain registrations and DNS will, likewise, be moved onto the Mythic Beasts platform and will gain the use of their extensive control panel.

The shared hosting platform (web, email and shell accounts) will initially be moved as-is into the Mythic Beasts network, and then later each customer's account will be moved across to Mythic Beasts's own shared hosting platform. Again, IP addresses will change. If your DNS is not hosted by Retrosnub you will need to change your DNS configuration as instructed by Mythic Beasts nearer the time.

If you currently have managed servers from Retrosnub, Mythic Beasts will be in touch individually to discuss your ongoing requirements.

And finally...

Retrosnub started out as a hobby whilst I was a student, and (most of the time!) it's been a fun and fulfilling one as it grew. I'm happy to have been able to provide a useful service to many of you, and I'm grateful that you've continued to support Retrosnub (in many cases for quite a long time whilst Retrosnub expanded gradually from one rented virtual server to a cluster of servers in two datacentres).

It's not without a little bit of sadness that I'm saying goodbye to something that I've created and run for about half my life. But I am confident that I am leaving it in good hands, and it's time for me to move onto new things.

Malcolm Scott
15th December 2017