Orion Virtual “Cloud” Servers

New pricing and spec for 2014: now even better value, with more RAM and disk space.

Orion Starter server

£7.50 per month or
£85 per year or
£0.50 per day

Orion server

£14 per month or
£150 per year or
£0.90 per day

Orion server extension

+£7 per month or
+£75 per year or
£0.45 per day

Multiple extensions can be added to a single server, but the extension is not available on its own.


Also available: dedicated cloud servers, with all the advantages of a virtual server plus the guarantee of dedicated hardware.


Managed services

As standard, virtual servers are provided with a minimal Ubuntu Linux installation — just basic tools and an OpenSSH server — so that you get complete control over what is installed. This means that it is up to you to install and configure the server software you require; this requires a certain level of experience with Linux servers. Furthermore, importantly, it is up to you to keep your server secure and up-to-date with the latest security updates.

Retrosnub has extensive Linux administration and development experience and are always on-hand to offer free advice or to take on part or all of the management of your server for you. For just £10 per month extra, an experienced system administrator can take this responsibility off your hands and handle the routine management of your server for you: your server software will be kept up-to-date, and comprehensive system monitoring and status graphing will be provided to alert you of potential issues such as running out of disk space before they become a problem.

Additional setup and configuration work—for example, the configuration of a web server with PHP and MySQL—can be performed for reasonable rates; please enquire.